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Drving video recorder

  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03
  • CSZ-B03


  • Product description: Chaungseer HD Car camera B03 3inch display HD video recorder , Motion detection,packing monitoring......
Selling Model B03/B03Double lens
Master chip Generalplus 1248/2248
Lens chip H-22/OV-9712/0330
Display 3.0inchTFT /2.46
Lens degree 140degree
Optional language menu Chinese/English/Russian/Japanese/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Korean
Video Resolution 1080P
Video Compression Format Motion.jpeg / H.264
G-sensor 3 Axis,built-in
Photo Resolution 1280*960(1M),1600*1200(2M),204881536(3M),  2592*1944(6M)
Photo format JPEG
Memory card support TFcard(4GB~32GB)
microphone speaker built-in
Current frequency 50HZ/60HZ
USB/TV output USB 2.0/NTSC,PAL and HDMI
Car charger DC5V 1000mA (Input DC12V-24V)
Battery 300mA,built-in
Memory 512MB Nand flash
Night vision Infrared night vision
Battery working time 20minutes
accessories Manual, stents, car charger, color box



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